Give me one hour each day for 7 days and you will start removing all the mental roadblocks that are holding you back and you will finally be able to take the next best step in your self-development journey.

Next Challenge begins November 8th!

Are you one of the millions of Working Americans who are struggling finding your way personally and professionally ?

… or even finding the right balance between the two? Has life gotten a little too fuzzy for you and you need help focusing on getting back to you.

Now, more than ever, our personal lives are reflecting directly into our professional lives and vice versa.

Which means the obstacles you have faced throughout your life are now becoming more prominent, harder to overcome, and more challenging … do you to feel stuck and crave a change that will get you to that next level … or even just back to feeling some sense of stability?

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement to any of that, then this 7 day Enneagram Self Development Challenge is designed specifically for You!

If you were to hire me 1-on-1 to hold your hand and walk you through this process, that coaching would cost you $1,050 for a week.

Total Value: $1,050

The Challenge is ONLY $7

The Challenge will happen within Facebook Groups, and all lessons will be recorded!

You are the key to your success. By uncovering your personality’s superpowers with the help of my coaching and tools, you will be able to finally unleash your inner power and begin overcoming the roadblocks you keep running into.

Here are the steps we will walk through together:

Step 1

Discover Your Orgin Story

Step 2

Connect More Deeply with Your Inner You

Step 3

Accurately Assess Your Current Level of Self-Development

Step 4

Identify How to Best Make Decisions and Take Action

Step 5

Learn How to Improve Communication to Align Your Goals with Everyone Around You

Step 6

Activate all the Superpowers of Your Type

Join me, Hillarie Kay, for the 7 Day Enneagram Self-Development Challenge

Hear what others have to say about using the Enneagram as a Self-Development Tool at Work

Working with Hillarie has not only taken my business to the next level, but has opened my eyes to what makes me tick. Applying her knowledge, and application of my enneagram type, has helped me be a better communicator, relate to my clients and give myself grace. If you want to understand yourself better and take your business to the next level, look no further.
Sarah K.
I’ve always been fiercely independent. I’ve always thought: “I can do it myself, and I’ll just do it all.” Asking for help still doesn’t come easy, and hiring a business coach was the last thing I thought I needed. Hillarie was just the person to wrangle that rebellious mindset and she really helped me understand that my business was running me, and not the other way around. With her help I identified areas where I was struggling the most: I needed to set boundaries, I learned to embrace the emotion that comes with being an Enneagram 4, and I began to feel a whole new level of confidence after just a couple weeks of working with her. For me, a business coach was really like having a therapist for my professional life. Hillarie was always very professional and yet her personality is still so down to earth!
Kayleen G.
Marketing has always been one of the areas I have struggled in my business and I never understood why. Hillarie helped me realize it was because I don't find it fun or fulfilling, and as an Enneagram 7 finding things fun or fulfilling is key to our success. She coached me on ways to overcome this obstacle in my business, so I can continue growing my business in a sustainable way. I have also seen Hillarie use the Enneagram to coach other business owners. She is able to see where business owners are getting hung up and helps them to see ways to improve based on their Enneagram type.
Cheree S.

What are you waiting for? Join Sarah, Kayleen and Cheree on a Self- Development Journey that will change your life both PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY.