Brand new 3 and 6 Month Enneagram Coaching Programs! Level up in your personal and professional life with me, Hillarie Kay

Dive deep into the Enneagram as a self-development tool with Coaching and Accountability!

This coaching program is what I wished I had when I started my self-development journey.

Some of my clients have called coaching with me having therapy and professional coaching all in one.

That’s because we spend time understanding not only your strengths, but your emotional patterns and behaviors— and how to apply those strengths to overcome those patterns – Enneagram coaching the best tool to maximize your growth potential.

And I want to help you work through those starting now!

Strategically designed coaching based on your unique personality to get you to that next level in your life and career.

Each month we will work through personal goals and professional goals.

This is the key to maintaining work/life balance while leveling up in life. Our personal lives DIRECTLY REFLECT into our professional lives. So the key for real, SUSTAINABLE growth is working on them both simultaneously.

Not only will we working together during monthly coaching calls, I’m in your pocket when you need me most with 24/7 access to me via Marco Polo.

See what previous 1 on 1 clients have had to say about working with me!

Working with Hillarie has not only taken my business to the next level, but has opened my eyes to what makes me tick. Applying her knowledge, and application of my enneagram type, has helped me be a better communicator, relate to my clients and give myself grace. If you want to understand yourself better and take your business to the next level, look no further.
Sarah K.
I’ve always been fiercely independent. I’ve always thought: “I can do it myself, and I’ll just do it all.” Asking for help still doesn’t come easy, and hiring a business coach was the last thing I thought I needed. Hillarie was just the person to wrangle that rebellious mindset and she really helped me understand that my business was running me, and not the other way around. With her help I identified areas where I was struggling the most: I needed to set boundaries, I learned to embrace the emotion that comes with being an Enneagram 4, and I began to feel a whole new level of confidence after just a couple weeks of working with her. For me, a business coach was really like having a therapist for my professional life. Hillarie was always very professional and yet her personality is still so down to earth!
Kayleen G.
Marketing has always been one of the areas I have struggled in my business and I never understood why. Hillarie helped me realize it was because I don't find it fun or fulfilling, and as an Enneagram 7 finding things fun or fulfilling is key to our success. She coached me on ways to overcome this obstacle in my business, so I can continue growing my business in a sustainable way. I have also seen Hillarie use the Enneagram to coach other business owners. She is able to see where business owners are getting hung up and helps them to see ways to improve based on their Enneagram type.
Cheree S.
I always look forward to my coaching calls with Hillarie. I know she will bring me the clarity and confidence I need to move forward with my goals! She always delivers - above and beyond - with great ideas, exceptional editing, thoughtful insight, and detailed follow ups that keep me motivated and on track.
Gina W.
I have a small u-pick orchard in eastern Washington. I first worked with Hillarie on a very short basis to help me think through my social media campaign. She was so insightful and fun to work with that I hired her as my coach. We communicate largely through Marco Polo and regular zoom calls. It’s wonderful to be able to just quickly ask her a question about anything and receive a prompt response. Whether I’m frustrated, stuck on how to go forward, needed a second opinion or just need to vent—Hillarie’s positive, up-beat, creative personality and business sense takes a lot of stress off of me. I was burned out with my small business and she’s helped me reorganize it and make it manageable again.
Ronda B.
I cannot say enough good things about Hillarie Kay. She is an expert on small business and has helped me go from my initial idea to launching my business in just 4 weeks. She is very down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and is my biggest cheerleader. She takes time to get to know and understand you as a person first, so that she is able to coach you in the best way possible. Hillarie makes herself very accessible and responds very quickly. She has helped me build my website, craft emails, develop a social media strategy, and much more. She is very creative and her recommendations are spot-on. She even referred my first client to me! I would recommend her to anyone!
Eileen M.

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