• Strategy Plans

    Putting your head down and getting to work is something all small business owners understand. Are you a small business owner who is putting your head down day after day, but feel like you’re not as productive as you’d liked to be? Or not seeing revenue come in as projected? It might be because you don’t have a plan. Having a business and marketing strategy plan is crucial to success and profitability.

  • Consulting

    Do you have a plan, but before you execute it you want another set of eyes? Or maybe you're starting a new project and looking for a little direction? It never hurts to bring in an expert.

  • A La Carte

    As a business owner you where many hats. Don’t be afraid to pass one of those hats off to me. Let’s talk about what pieces of your marketing and operations I can take off your plate.


  • “My strategy session with Hillarie was impactful in two major ways: it affirmed parts of my business that were strong (which gave me an immense boost of confidence) and helped give me enormous tools for growth very specific for my brand and scale. Hillarie took the time to understand the foundational heartbeat of my coaching business and created intentional and unique strategies for growth that took me to the next level. Whatever your next level may be, Hillarie is invaluable to getting you there. She delivers like a big firm but gives you the attention and consideration of a small business.”

    Corina Tripon [Ginger Root Coaching]
  • “Hillarie's strategy plan for our business was incredible! As small business owners we wear so many hats, but online marketing is one place we struggled. The plan was so detailed and exactly what we had been looking for to take our product to the next level! She blew us away with her professionalism and knowledge of marketing in the online space! Hillarie's strategy plan was the missing link for our business!”

    Lindsey and Camille [Behrens Artistry]
  • “I truly am very impressed by the strategy plan and the way Hillarie presented it has actually, for lack of a better word, "stirred me up!" This has brought excitement to my work! I have a lot to do. I am a bit nervous as this type of marketing is beyond my knowledge and comfort zone, but I sense Hillarie knows what she is doing, and is driven by her caring heart and spirit. Hillarie will help me accomplish our goal of getting my product out there!”

    Frances Cortez [Fresh Faces by Frances]
  • “Hillarie helped me focus and create a more cohesive brand to put out into the world. As a therapist we are not trained to market ourselves like a business. Hillarie helped me get comfortable with the uncomfortable and continues to be a resource if I run into the unfamiliar. She authentically cares for small business owners. Do not hesitate to get clarity and feel less alone while your grow your business!”

    Erika Miley [Mental Health Therapist]

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