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Where Women Gather and Tell our Stories

I'm Schena-

I’m a wife to a wonderful man and mother of 3 living in Northern California.  But that sentence isn’t my identity.  Throughout my 53 years of life I’ve lived in 4 countries, experienced growing up with a single mother in India, been a single mother myself, had a successful IT career, learned what it meant to be an independent woman, sacrificed my dreams for other’s well-being, raised/raising three beautiful children and so much more. And the one thing which has remained constant through it all is Chai. Chai was had in my highest of highs and my lowest of lows.  Chai is more than just a drink to me.  Chai symbolizes connection, friendship, warmth, hospitality and most of all healing.  I invite you to pull up a chair to this virtual table where we can gather to tell our stories and make a difference in each other’s lives one conversation at a time…. over a cup of Chai.  

I invite you to stay connected as I begin to unfold Chai with Schena and launch this community over the next several months by filling out the form to your right. 

With Love-
Schena Kinyon
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Prayer of Thanks

I give thanks to the source of life.

I give thanks for the feminine wisdom with its powerful healing and nurturing energy.

I give thanks for our magical intuition, which leads us through the difficult transits and narrow passages of the yet unknown.

I give thanks for womankind, always teaching the powerful strength to be found in mindful and purposeful circle gatherings.

I give thanks for our inherent inner wisdom that helps us make life affirming choices from a place of heart and compassion

~Maria Teresa

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Mindful Parenting

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Photo Credit: Smeeta Mahanti of @MahantiPhoto on Instagram


Photo Credit: Smeeta Mahanti of @MahantiPhoto on Instagram

Making a difference one conversation at a time