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“I cannot say enough good things about Hillarie Kay. She is an expert on small business and has helped me go from my initial idea to launching my business in just 4 weeks. She is very down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and is my biggest cheerleader. She takes time to get to know and understand you as a person first, so that she is able to coach you in the best way possible. Hillarie makes herself very accessible and responds very quickly. She has helped me build my website, craft emails, develop a social media strategy, and much more. She is very creative and her recommendations are spot-on. She even referred my first client to me! I would recommend her to anyone!”
Eileen Mole
The Recruiter Gal

Find Yourself

As a business owner you have to find out who you are as a person FIRST then build your marketing and operations around what makes you uniquely YOU. The find training uses outside assessments to help guide you through this process.

be yourself

After you find yourself and brand yourself, it’s time to actively be yourself online! The Be training section is all about creating the content which shows the world who you are, and doing it in such a way you feel confident to actively keep it up. We work together on finding the best content strategy for you!

Brand yourself

The Online Space is becoming more and more competitive everyday,  with who knows how many people pushing their product or service on social media. So how do you compete? Brand yourself not your product. In the Brand training you'll learn how to do just that.

Find| Brand |Be

4 Week Intensive


Course Schedule

Week 1:
Finding Yourself and Your Audience
– Enneagram- discovering strengths, weaknesses and how to overcome obstacles.
– Fascinate- discovering how the world sees you, and how to use your fascination qualities to attract customers.
– Target Audience Identification

Week 2:
Branding Yourself
– Developing your brand story
– Developing your brand statement
– Decide where the best places to brand yourself

Week 3:
Being Yourself
– Developing marketing campaigns
– Developing sustainable strategies to keep your marketing going.

Week 4:
Find, Brand, Be
– Developing sustainable strategies cont.
– Q+A

Meet Hillarie Kay

Hey Small Business Owner! I’m so pumped you’re here.

I grew up in a family of small business owners, so at a young age I quickly understood how much work it takes to be a small business owner. 

At the beginning of my marketing career I found myself working in agencies and in corporate America, but became frustrated that the small guys weren’t given the same amount of attention as the big guys because of budget.   I didn’t see any reason why those same tactics used for the big guys with huge budgets couldn’t be scaled down and used for the small businesses.   I firmly believe marketing should scale with you, and that small business doesn’t mean small income.

So I’ve made it my mission to to help small business owners no matter where they are at in their business.  Recently that’s been done by first helping them identify who they are as a person and business owner, and then forming the marketing strategy and tactics around what is authentic to them. I’ve taken that a step further and create my Find, Brand, Be trainings. So you can now walk through this process with me in 1 on 1 trainings, OR by yourself at your own pace!

When I’m not working with Small Business Owners, I’m a wife, mom of two boys and step mom to 3 boys ranging from 16 to 5 (Yes, 5 boys boys!).  I split my time between Southeast Missouri and the Durham area of North Carolina.  I’m obsessed with the 60s and 70s and you can often finding me thrifting around vintage shops on the weekends.

I can’t wait to meet and learn all about YOU and your business!