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"You are the key to your small business’s success."

- Hillarie Kay -

My passion has always been helping small business owners. I’m a third generation small business owner myself , and I know first hand about all the ups and downs which occur as you start and scale your business for long-term sustainability.

Throughout the years of working with Small Business Owners, I’ve noticed one thing they all have in common. Even when they have a sustainable business strategy, they lack the confidence following through with that strategy. They are stuck in consuming ideas and won’t take action on what they already know.

That’s why I’ve created my Find, Brand, Be Coaching program. In this program we start by finding out who you are as a person FIRST, then we build your marketing and operations around who you are as a small business owner. Let’s be real: you directly affect how your business operates and grows. If your strategies aren’t sustainable for you, the business owner, then they won’t be sustainable for your business.

Find, Brand, BE: Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching Programs


4 week coaching program- Perfect for the small business owner looking to level up their marketing.


8 week coaching program- Perfect for the small business owner ready to dig deep and not only level up, but scale their marketing for optimal business growth.

Coaching Schedule

Week 1:
Finding Yourself and Your Audience
– Enneagram: discovering strengths, weaknesses and how to overcome obstacles.
– Fascinate: discovering how the world sees you, and how to use your fascination qualities to attract customers.
– Target Audience Identification

Week 2:
Branding Yourself
– Developing your brand story
– Developing your brand statement
– Decide where the best places to brand yourself

Week 3:
Being Yourself
– Developing marketing campaigns
– Developing sustainable strategies to keep your marketing going.

Week 4:
Find, Brand, Be
– Developing sustainable strategies cont.
– Q+A

Week 1:
Finding Yourself
– Deep dive into your enneagram type
– Identifying strengths, weaknesses, obstacles that may arise as you market your business and strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Week 2:
Finding Your Audience
– Deep dive into Fascinate to discover how the world sees you.
– Identifying target audiences and detailed strategies on how to reach them.

Week 3:
Brand Yourself
– Development of Brand Story
– Development of Brand Statement
– Outline of where to brand yourself 

Week 4:
Be Yourself
– Developing Marketing Campaigns
– Developing sustainable marketing strategies to keep your marketing going.

Week 5: 
Building Relationships
– Outlining your marketing funnel. 

Week 6:
Find, Brand, Be Strategy
– Using weeks 1-5 to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Week 7:
– Present your new strategy and Hillarie Kay will audit for best outcome.

Week 8:

What's Holding You Back?

I mean really, let’s lay it all out there. What’s keeping you from taking the next step toward developing yourself and growing your business?

Here are the common objections I hear:

1. Time. I’m already so busy. I don’t have time for another thing to be added to my plate. Well, let me ask you this? Can you afford to keep taking the time doing things like you’re doing now that aren’t moving yourself or business anywhere? Let’s work together to identify those time obstacles for a more sustainable strategy.

2. Money. I can’t afford to invest. But what does it look like if you don’t? Will you be burnt out and your mental health shot? Will you have to shut down your business because you’re not growing? You have to invest to grow. Invest in yourself and invest in your business.

3. Not sure if it’s a right fit. This is the easiest obstacle to overcome. Let’s talk to each other and find out! Schedule a free 30 min needs analysis call with me. I’ll give it to you straight. Schedule on my calendar HERE.


Ongoing Monthly Coaching Services

Marco Polo

Starting at $299/month

Marco Polo Consulting allows you to video chat me at any time of day! You can ask me unlimited questions face to face as well as flip the camera to ask me questions about projects you’re working on. Maybe it’s a display/event set up? or a full look at your new website layout. Marco Polo is a great fit!

This is great for the small business owner who will need to show what they’re doing to get advice, or just need that extra bit of reassurance by seeing their coach’s face for feedback and advice.


Starting at $149/month

Think of this as an ongoing text message stream with your coach. Within this app you can send text messages, screenshots, links or photos and get feedback that stays in the stream for future reference.

This is great for the small business owner who wants to throw an idea out, or maybe needs some copy for a social media post looked over. Speaking of social media, maybe you’re stuck on content ideas. This is a great place to ask away! The texts can be categorized into channels, and the answers to your questions are searchable for later reference!

About Hillarie Kay

Hey Small Business Owner! I’m so pumped you’re here. I’m a third generation small business owner, so when I say #smallbusinesslove, I MEAN IT!

At the beginning of my career I sought out a PR and Marketing Management degree, and found myself working in agencies and in corporate America for the first 5 years out of college, but it became very clear to me that being an entrepreneur and small business owner myself was the key to my happiness and fulfillment in life.

I’ve made it my mission to to help small business owners no matter where they are at in their business. I help small business owners identify who they are as a person and business owner, and then coach them on forming the marketing and operations strategies and tactics most sustainable to their personality type.

When I’m not working with Small Business Owners, I’m a wife, mom of two boys and stepmom to 3 boys. I split my time between Southeast Missouri and the Durham area of North Carolina.  I’m obsessed with the 60s and 70s and you can often finding me thrifting around vintage shops on the weekends.

I can’t wait to meet and learn all about YOU and your business!

What people say?

Amazing! That's all I can say. I hired HIllarie to help me with setting up a marketing strategy and sales funnel for my Interior Design Services and online course. I'm amazed with how she grasped the way I run my business and how I showcase my brand personality. The amount of value that Hillarie provided me with far exceeded my expectations. I'm so incredibly thankful for her help and can't wait to implement all of her ideas. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be using her again. Thank you, Hillarie, for all you've done. You don't even know the amount of relief I feel right now!
Val Malnar
Orangetree Interiors
With a passion and skill for growing small businesses, HIllarie recognizes the value of YOU before the value of your business. She is your source for helping you to recognize your value, and understand how to brand and market yourself- not just your business- helping you and your business to truly GROW exponentially.
Teresa Gaikema
Young Living Distributor
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