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Hi, My name is Hillarie.  I’m a marketer and small business coach by trade, but am also a wife, mom and step mom to 5 boys!  And one of those boys, Lincoln, has Down Syndrome.   Before the pandemic hit, life with Lincoln was tough, but now with the taking away of his normal routines, therapies and school it has become more overwhelming than normal.

How am I supposed to help him reach his IEP goals?  I’m not a special education teacher.  I’m not a speech or occupational therapist.  He has an amazing team who help him with all of these things, and now they’re gone.   So what now?  How do I support my son?

I have been left feeling ashamed, embarrassed, like no one understands and pretty helpless.  But I realized, I can’t be the only special needs caregiver out there dealing with these feelings.  So I’ve decided to put together a community to provide resources for other special needs caregiver during this time.

About the Community

The Support You need

Private Facebook Group

Upon subscribing you will be added to this group where there will be resources given several times/week to help you through this journey.  This is also a place you can ask questions and receive answers and feedback from other caregivers and specialists.

Regular Expert Zoom Calls

Community members will receive access to a minimum of 2  live zoom calls every month with experts like special education teachers, therapists, counselors and psychologists.  At the end of each call there will be a live Q+A to get your questions answered.  Can’t make the call live?  No problem, the recording will be sent out next day.

Weekly Caregiver Zoom Calls

These calls will be just for us, the caregivers.  An open forum to talk about what we are struggling with, what’s working, what’s not working, but ultimately a place where we don’t feel alone.

We Can't wait to Meet you!


The subscription to the community is $9.99/month.   Upon subscribing, you will get a welcome e-mail with directions on how to get connected!  I also understand that not everyone has extra financial resources at this time.  So if you would like to be a part of this community, but can’t afford to do so at this time, please reach out to me at [email protected]

Not sure you want the community and expert zoom calls, but interested in the Facebook group? Subscribe for free here by entering your e-mail, and you'll be added to the group within 24 hours!