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Meet Melyssa- The Oil Girl

Born and raised in Northern VA, I grew up with two amazing parents.  My mom had a pill book (this was back in the 80’s) and looked up everything before she’d let us take it. My father reported on the Hill and EPA, and came home one day and thew out all the chemicals under our sink due to what he learned that day.  

So from an early age, it was in my blood.  To know what I was putting in my body, to do my research before trusting a company who didn’t disclose what was in their products.  All of this brought me to Young Living. 

I attended an intro to oils class in June of 2014 and knew I had to share what I had learned.  The oils started my family on an amazing health journey.  First moving to essential oils instead of over-the-counter meds for everyday ailments, then starting to remove bad ingredients from our food like high fructose corn syrup and dyes.  After we removed the bad stuff we started to incorporate higher grade meats and more veggies.

After 16 years in the corporate world, I now get to follow my passion to help people learn about their health, and take control of their own situation.  I look forward to helping you, your family and your friends live a healthy life.  Good physical health creates good mental health and good mental health equals peace of mind.  And there is nothing better than that. 


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