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No More Robotic Workplaces

We are not all created equal.

I don’t believe in robotic work places—meaning everyone needing to operate the same way in order to get the job done.  Yes, there is the need for standard operating procedures and structure, but if you don’t allow people to be themselves at work and operate in a way that’s sustainable for them, you are keeping the door to potential locked. No amount of SOPs can address this issue and make the workplace successful- both on a financial level and a culture level.

There needs to be a two way street when expressing needs. A welcoming atmosphere to not only share needs, but request them.

To help get this process started, below are some needs that each Enneagram Type might have at work.

As with anything I share, coach and train on with the Enneagram– these are not meant to put any one person in a box! I’m a firm believer that we are all unique and have our own individual path in this world.  The Enneagram is a framework.  So if you don’t agree with EVERYTHING that comes out about your type,  don’t worry.   I’m right there with you.

Here we go:
If only my co-workers knew as an ______________ I didn’t like _________________.

Enneagram Type 1:
Lack of structure.
Being pressured to do things quickly.

Enneagram Type 2:
Working alone.
Being expected to take on more responsibility.

Enneagram Type 3:
Expectations not being clearly defined.
Not being recognized for my work.

Enneagram Type 4:
Small talk.
Having to always be social.

Enneagram Type 5:
Being interrupted in the middle of a task.
Sharing my personal life at work.

Enneagram Type 6:
Sudden change.
A lot of new tasks added to my plate at once.

Enneagram Type 7:
Structured meetings.
Not having freedom to try new things.

Enneagram Type 8:
Constant collaboration.
Not having autonomy to make decisions

Enneagram Type 9:
Direct confrontation.
Being publicly recognized.

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