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Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2021

#1: Emotional Cues You’re Headed Toward Burnout

If you’ve been consuming my content for any amount of time, you know how much I believe in the Enneagram for building sustainable strategies both personally and professionally! Every Enneagram Type has a type they go to in stress or emotional distress AKA BURNOUT. So by learning about one’s type, and beginning to use the Enneagram as an awareness tool of our own emotional patterns, we have the ability to catch ourselves in these patterns and avoid burnout altogether.

Here is a quick peak into the emotional patterns of each type when they’re headed to burnout. Let these emotions be alarm bells for you to stop what you’re doing and assess the situation to avoid completely meltdown status!

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#2: Always and Never when talking to Enneagram ______s

This week we will be talking about how understanding communication with ourselves and others can help us personally and professionally— whether you work for yourself, within an organization or team environment.

Better communication with ourselves and others begins with self-awareness of our internal operating system first and THEN how it affects how we externally operate. I personally believe the Enneagram gives us more space for empathy and compassion in our actions and communication, and my hope is that these posts will help you along in your journey.

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#3: Mistypes

Even though the assessments are generally pretty accurate, they can get it wrong. They can’t always take into account the full influence of the cultural, religious, gender and emotional overlays that are part of the person who is giving the answers. So I always say the assessment is just a starting point.⁠

Mistyping via assessment is actually more common than you may think. Mistypes can occur because some types have similar behavior patterns, but the motivation behind those patterns is different for each type.⁠

Over the next week, I’m going to list out some common mis-types. Please keep in mind ANY TYPE can be mistyped. Not just the ones I’m mentioning. These are just some of the more common ones. 

#4: I’m an Enneagram _____ and I struggle with _____

If you’re human, you have struggles. And struggles are okay! We just can’t let them consume us and stay in our struggles without growing.

The Enneagram provides amazing insights to our common struggles, but it doesn’t stop there. It provides a way through them, and insight into sustainable strategies which can help us overcome them.

#5: Enneagram Types at the Beach

The beach is one of my favorite places in the world. I always come back refreshed and relaxed. And you can bet your butt I always have the cutest swim suit!

How many of you love the beach?

#6: How each type responds to sudden change in plans

How do you deal with change? Afraid of it? Too eager for it? Something else?

Would you like to deal with it better?

Plans can change in the blink of an eye. Even more so nowadays.

Awareness of how we each naturally deal with change via our own internal operating systems is the key to dealing with change in the best possible way. We each have different triggers. Different patterns. And knowing what those are can help us deal with change more smoothly.

It’s also important to know this about the people closest to us.

The key to all of this? The Enneagram … understanding your type and how each type instinctively deals with change. This helps us create empathy for ourselves and also others and how they deal with change.

Here is a quick glimpse at what some internal thoughts might be for each type.

There might be a little humor in these statements, but I encourage you to check in with yourself and those closest to you (in the office and at home!) to help increase that empathy and avoid any unnecessary bumps in the road that may come up over the next couple of weeks when unplanned change affects us.

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#7: “To my co-workers…”

Have you ever felt misunderstood by your co-workers? You’re definitely not alone. We’ve all been there.

Here’s an easy way to share with your co-workers (even friends and family) some things unique to your personality and how you operate.

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#8: Superpowers at work

Your stereotypical icebreaker question at any work event…. if you could have any superpower what would it be?

But let me ask you this, what if instead we changed that question to something more practical that could ACTUALLY HELP us at work, not just break the ice.

What is your superpower at work?

Understanding ourselves and others at work not only helps our personal self-development, but increases communication, improves company culture and levels up strategy!

Here’s my take on Superpowers by Enneagram Type! Do you agree with yours? What are your other superpowers?

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#9: Journal prompts by Enneagram type

No matter your type, I ALWAYS recommend journaling as a part of a daily or weekly routine. Journaling looks different for everyone, and finding a technique and rhythm for you that’s sustainable is key!

Here are some journal prompts to get you started…

If you need more Journal Prompts for your type, my Enneagram colleague @erinslutskycoaching has wonderful Journals specialized for each Enneagram Type for sale on Amazon!